The Green
Leaf Program

Green Leaf Project Highlights

We are grateful for the ongoing support from Northern Lights Community Development Corporation for the Greenleaf Project.

Thanks to this project, the Prince Albert Share a Meal Food Bank has been able to provide fresh, healthy produce to both our Hamper clients, as well as in supporting both regular school and summer feeding programs, ensuring that children have access to nutritious produce.

During the course of a normal year, the PA Food Bank distributes approximately 13.000 emergency food hampers, with an average of 3.4 people per hamper - 50% of whom are children. NLCDC’s support enables us to provide fresh and nutritious fruit and vegetables for our Hamper clients.

School & Summer Feeding Programs Weekly Annual
Summer Playground & Other programs 1,110 8,880
Regular School snack/lunch programs 200 5,600

The summer feeding and regular school programs that we assist with provide fresh fruit for well over 10,000 lunches and snacks to children, annually. We are able to partner for program delivery with such organizations as The Prince Albert Indian and Metis Friendship Centre, individual schools and the City of Prince Albert’s Parks Department all of whose efforts provide direct access to children in need.

The increasing issue of homelessness has placed great pressures on various agencies and volunteer groups seeking to provide assistance. The PA Food Bank has also stepped up in offering support to those agencies and groups providing meals to the vulnerable by providing, (in addition to various other food items), fresh fruit.

Given the challenging situation of a of post-Covid economic recovery, and rising inflation, (with upward prices on food outpacing the overall inflation rate by as much as double, as per the Universities of Guelph and Dalhausie), placing increased pressure on household food budgets. We face a foreseeable increase in demand over the next year and beyond. Fresh produce prices have seen among the highest increases in particular, (approximately 6% for produce versus 2.2% overall last year, this year we’re already seeing overall inflation rates of 3.7%, with expectations that food costs will rise relatively, based on previous years).

Given the state of the economy and other challenges facing Prince Albert and surrounding area, too many find themselves and their families in need of basic support to survive.

These challenges make Northern Lights Development Corporation’s Greenleaf project of key importance in our efforts to provide fresh, nutritious food for our clients, again, 50% of whom are children.

None of these programs would be able to provide important healthy and nutritious fruit and vegetable, primarily to our community’s children without the generous support from Northern Lights Community Development’s Greenleaf Project.

Thanks to Northern Lights Development Corporation’s commitment to community support, we are able to provide much needed nutritional food to our most vulnerable members.

Our sincere thanks for your generous and ongoing support.

Kim Scruby, B.A.
Executive Director