Northern Lights Community Development Corporation (NLCDC) is happy to announce that it has received an Emergency Response Gaming Support for the 2021-22 fiscal year in the amount of 1.8 million. This grant is to offset the approximately 7 million, that NLCDC normally receives, due to the closure of the Northern Lights Casino.

With the loss in funding, there will only be two intakes for grant applications in the 2021-22 fiscal year.

The first deadline will be August 15, 2021 and the second deadline for application submissions will be February 15, 2022.

All new applications and reports in 2021-22 fiscal year must be completed online!

Covid-19 restrictions may present challenges with the delivery of some projects. We ask groups to follow all the provincial guidelines and community protocols to ensure the safe execution of projects. Any outstanding reports on projects from prior year will still be accepted on the traditional report forms. Please ensure to complete all overdue reports.

In Memory of
Elder Yvonne

Elder Yvonne Longjohn
About Us


Northern Lights Community Development Corporation is a First Nations controlled not–for-profit Corporation established by the Prince Albert Grand Council in September 2001 under the 2000 amended Gaming Framework Agreement between FSIN and the Province of Saskatchewan.



The goal and objective of the Northern Lights Community Development Corporation is to invest 25% of the net profit of the Northern Lights Casino in ten (10) defined charitable purposes within NLCDC’s catchment area, through a grant and Donation process. In doing so, the Corporation makes distributions of its proceeds on a fair and equitable basis amongst First Nations organizations and non-First Nation organizations, in a manner solely determined by the Board of Directors of the Corporation.



The Northern Lights Community Development Corporation catchment area consists of: Prince Albert Grand Council; Agency Chiefs Tribal Council; Meadow Lake Tribal Council; The City of Prince Albert; The RM of Prince Albert; The RM of Buckland; Beardy’s and Okemasis First Nation; Peter Chapman First Nation and Chakastaypasin First Nation.

The Corporation is guided by four fundamental principles:




& Integrity

Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of the Northern Lights Community Development Corporation are “to facilitate the distribution of a portion of net proceeds derived from the Northern Lights Casino (or any successor thereof) located at the Peter Ballantyne Reserve No. 220, for charitable purposes to First Nations and Non-First Nations charities and organizations in the community in which the Corporation is located and in the surrounding areas (Bylaw No 1, Northern Lights Community Development Corporation, p.2)”

Mission Statement

The Northern Lights Community Development Corporation (NLCDC) mission is to promote the well-being of communities and organizations through financial contribution.

Vision Statement

To achieve healthy, prosperous and sustainable communities.


As we adjust to our 'new normal' our Mission statement: to promote the well-being of communities and organizations through financial contribution will be reinstated and pursued with vigor

It has been a trying year, to say the least, due to the challenges adjusting to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Much of our funding has been reduced and many projects had to be modified or cancelled all together.

However, once we get past the pandemic, the Northern Lights Casino will be back on track to their historical revenues and net profits. As we adjust to our ‘new normal’ our Mission statement: ‘to promote the well-being of communities and organizations through financial contribution’ will be reinstated and pursued with vigor.

Since its inception, the Northern Lights Community Development Corporation has donated approximately $90 million in community contributions. This year, we are grateful for the Emergency Response Support from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Government Relations in order to continue our mandate as a non-profit organization.

We are committed to our four guiding principles of Equity, Transparency, Accountability and Integrity at NLCDC. These principles are imbedded in the policy decisions our Board makes.

I would like to introduce our new board directors who are serving new terms or have taken over for an existing term. Mayor of Prince Albert, Greg Dionne (new term), Band councillor of Beardy’s and Okemasis, Jeremy Seeseequasis (new term), Chief of Montreal Lake, Joyce Naytowhow-Mcleod (completing Woodland Sector term) and Vice Chief of PAGC, Chris Jobb (new term). I welcome the new directors and congratulate them on their appointments.


Brian Hardlotte
NLCDC Chairperson

Staff & Board

The NLCDC team is dedicated to the betterment of our communities where we live, work and play. This commitment is at the heart of the company’s focus on initiatives that improve education, recreation, culture and other human services. NLCDC recognizes the different needs of our communities and to aid in realizing these unique needs.

Board Members

Blake Charles

Judy Quong

Jocelyn Longjohn

Board Members

Jeremy Norman

Ina Whitehead

Jeremy Seeseequasis

Joyce McLeod

Garry Standing

Brian Hardlotte

Loren Sproat

Christopher Jobb

Shirley Henderson

Louie Mercredi

Mayor Gregg Dionne


Welcome to the past Northern Lights Community Development Corporation annual reports download and viewing centre. NLCDC annual reports provides an insight to our impact on communities within our catchment area through grants and charitable donations. As well, they provide an overview of financial information for the previous 6 years.

2021 Annual Download 2020 Annual Download 2019 Annual Download 2018 Annual Download 2017 Annual Download 2016 Annual Download
Highlighted Projects
Grant Applications

Eligible Programs
& Evaluation Structure

All programs seeking funding from NLCDC must meet one or more of the following criteria

  • Involve partnership initiatives or joint ventures between First Nations and Non-First Nations
  • Focus on economic development initiatives
  • Focus on services that improve the education, social well being, and/or health of targeted youth, seniors and families
  • Create training and/or employment opportunities
  • Involve the community in project delivery or implementation

How to

Your organization must be registered as an Eligible Organization prior to submitting an application for grant funding. Please allow a minimum of two (2) weeks to process your registration application. Ensuring that you provide all necessary documentation with your application will help expedite the process.

We are excited and proud to have moved our registration, grant funding and reporting processes to a 100% online format.

This move was part of the development of our custom-built database which has many benefits to us and our registered organizations. Once registered, organizations can view all previously submitted applications, download and upload documents, file the Financial Accountability Report and easily renew the registration (there’s a fantastic built-in reminder!).

NOTE: Paper applications will not be accepted. If you do not have access to a computer and/or internet connection please contact our office at (306) 953-7259

Application Timelines:

1st Intake deadline submission date May 15th

2nd Intake deadline submission date August 15th

3rd Intake deadline submission date November 15th

4th Intake deadline submission date February 15th

Applications for community investment funding must be received before 11:59 p.m. on the deadline submission date.

All community investment funding requests are tracked and prepared for screening by the Community Investment Coordinator. Once all applications for that intake have been assessed for completeness the Screening Committee reviews each application in a fair and consistent review process and provides recommendations to the Board of Directors.

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