Highlighted Project
New Portable
Skateboard Park
at Parkland

Skateboard and BMX Parks are very popular attractions for youths. They provide the opportunity to take part in an activity that builds their body and mind and keeps them away from non-productive social activities. The City of Prince Albert is proud of the Skateboard Park which is located on the West Side of Prince Albert. The City has identified the Outdoor hockey rink area at the Parkland Community Club as a prime location for this Skateboard and BMX park.

In order to set up the apparatus, the surface needs to be paved, this also will assist in more rapid installation of ice in the winter months. Since this Skateboard and BMX apparatus is portable, it will be removed in the fall and stored over the winter, so skating can take place on the outdoor rink, again maximizing the free recreation opportunities for youth primarily in the West Flat area of the City.