and Trailer

for Stanley Mission housing

Generator and Trailer Project Highlights

The money Stanley Mission Band Office received in 2021-2022 from NLCDC was used to purchase a generator and trailer for Stanley Mission housing.

Stanley Mission Housing employs over 40 Lac La Ronge (Stanley Mission) band members as carpenters a year to build housing units for the community of Stanley Mission instead of buying Ready To Move units or outsourcing construction to Non-Band members. This directly stimulates the local economy and provides employment to Lac La Ronge (Stanley Mission) band members. As well, it removes these band members from Social Assistance that the Stanley Mission Band also funds. Removing these band members indirectly benefits all Stanley Mission Band Members as more funding is available for other activities.

Stanley Mission Housing purchased a large Whisperwatt generator and trailer to use in construction of housing units. A 45-50KVA This allows carpenters to work on housing construction while waiting for SKPower to come and hook up power. Currently, the carpenters are using many small generators but this is more expensive as they need to be replaced almost yearly and the many small units use more fuel than 1 larger unit.