Spiritwood Zamboni

Spiritwood  Zamboni

Thanks to a generous grant from NLCDC, Spiritwood Area Recreation, Culture and Sport Inc. was able to purchase a new to us Zamboni for the Spiritwood Arena.

The 2002 Zamboni was in use from March 2014 and was a fantastic addition to the newly built Arena.

With this upgrade to our community we are enhancing the quality of life and recreation for youth and adults every day.

We believe that recreation programs, facilities and parks are essential to the quality of life.

They reduce anti-social and self-destructive behavior, build strong families and healthier communities.

Without key components to the operation of these facilities, such as a Zamboni for an Arena, our goals become unattainable.

A positive and smooth flowing atmosphere is being achieved through recreation and active living in our community because of key fundraising and grants that we succeed in obtaining.

Thank you NLCDC.