Prince Albert Waterslide Restoration

Prince Albert Waterslide Restoration

The Kinsmen Water Park is a focal point in Prince Albert, SK. during the summer months.

The waterslides at this outdoor aquatics facility were closed in 2014 when the slides were deemed unsafe for citizens.

The “Save Our Slides” Campaign began in 2014 and, with contributions from partners such as NLCDC, the City was able to re-open the outdoor waterslides for the 2015 season.

NLCDC’s generous $50,000 donation assisted with significant upgrades to the Park, including: restoration and repainting of the structural fiberglass component (slides), interior and exterior restoration of the fiberglass slide structure, repainting the main pool, new carpet on the patio deck, new tile in the women’s shower, replacement of six circulating pumps, and the replacement of the scale and regulator.

With the assistance of partners such as NLCDC, the Kinsmen Water Park was re-opened and 2015 was one of the most successful seasons to date.

Attendance for public swimming was 32,415, significantly up from 19,151 visits in 2014, and 26,421 visits in 2013.

The grand total of visits, including all programming, was 38,798 in 2015.