All programs seeking funding from NLCDC must meet one or more of the following criteria:
  • Involve partnership initiatives or joint ventures between First Nations
  • Focus on economic development initiatives
  • Focus on services that improve the education, social well being, and/or health of targeted youth, seniors and families
  • Create training and/or employment opportunities
  • Involve the community in project delivery or implementation
  • Demonstrate cultural sensitivity/awareness
  • Are Early Intervention programs (i.e. Addiction Assessment and Treatment, Teenage Pregnancy. Stay in School programs)

Applicants must complete a detailed application form and submit it to the office for board consideration. Each application is reviewed individually on its own merits. The application reviews are conducted 4 times a year at board meetings. The 12-member board of directors consists of First Nation and non-First Nation individuals as well as a government representative. An application review board meeting can sometimes take up to two days to review the applications.

The board fulfills their responsibilities by reviewing the financial information of the applicants presented to them by the NLCDC management team and discussing relevant matters. The NLCDC manager and his administrative support team respond to all the applications. Those receiving application approval are subject to ongoing monitoring of projects, which may include site visits, follow up on financial and activity reports, as well as evaluation on the progress and completion of the project. A final evaluation report is prepared for the board and filled with the board for completion review.

NLCD Evaluation Structure
  1. Receive application submission
  2. Prescreening
  3. Application Screening Evaluation and Recommendation
  4. Request Additional information, Confirmation of all other Funding sources required
  5. Board Meeting Approved for Funding – Release of First Payment
  6. Monitoring projects (may include site visits)
  7. Follow-up Report received at NLCDC Office (Financial & Activity Report)
  8. Evaluation of final report
  9. Board response to funding project changes
  10. Final evaluation report – Release of final payment
Who can apply?

Band enterprises or charitable organizations that serve communities in the catchment area: Prince Albert Grand Council, Peter Chapman Band, Chakastaypasin Band, Agency Chiefs Tribal Council, Meadow Lake Tribal Council, City of Prince Albert, R.M. of Buckland, and R.M. of Prince Albert.

Who is not eligible to apply?
  • Individuals or organizations that are not located within the catchment area
  • For-profit corporations, joint ventures or partnerships or other entities that do not have charitable purposes
  • Organizations that qualify for federal and provincial funding
Deadlines for Applications are for each Quarter:
  • Quarter 1 – Deadline submission date, May 15
  • Quarter 2 – Deadline submission date, August 15
  • Quarter 3 – Deadline submission date, November 15
  • Quarter 4 – Deadline submission date, February 15.

To begin the application process, please fill out the form below or login to our Members page and Apply Online.

Please download our application form here
Detailed Progress / Final Report Form is available here

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